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Subject: Farm-hand 7Disclaimer: Just like all the other literature in this, uh, library,
no animals or children were molested, no trees or streams were cut down
or defiled. Naturally, you are old enough to be reading here so no
problem there, right? This may or may not be fiction; depends on what
I think up as I go along. May I suggest that you c heck out previous
chapters before reading this one, just to getcha in the mood.
** * * * * * *
gay-male/adult-youth b/b, young adult/boy
Farm Hand Chapter 7* * * * * * * There we all were, standing there with our hands on our hardons,
lookin' at each other, all feelin' kinda embarrassed but like every guy
knows, a hard cock doesn't feel guilt. free pre teen lolitas We were all startin' to stroke
a little and looking' at each other, Jerry was drippin' the most
precum. I could see it on his hand. The other guy's cockheads were
shiny and glistening. I had a little too but I wasn't makin' much yet. There we were, three of the hottest guys I knew and I was gettin' to
see them all naked and with big hardons, drippin' precum and from the
looks on their faces, the best was yet to, uh, well, cum - pun
intended. Just about then, Owen reached over and moved my hand and
took my cock in his hand, so what could I do? I had a free hand so I
reached over and took his nice one into MY hand. Now, none of the guys were hung like Tony, the Morgan stud horse and
like it seems, nearly every guy is in every story your read. We all
seemed to have more than just a hand width but no 9 and 10 inchers and
most of those are just fantasy anyway. Sam and Jerry stepped over
toward us and then we all just kinda reached out and had a feel of all
those dripping cocks. I couldn't believe my good fortune! Was I
really awake? Was this really happening? How could I be so lucky!d? Jerry said, "Well, guys, looks like it's circle-jerk time." The rest
of us just kinda groaned and grunted and said things like "Yeah!" and
"Yes!" "Right!" so there we were, then we all happened to be right
handed I guess because we reached over to our left and took that sweet
cock in our hand. I had Owen''s, he had Jerry's, Jerry had Sam's and
Sam had mine! That was better by far than that porno vid Sam and I
had been watchin'. I said, "Well....I don't know about YOU guys but unless we're careful
I know **I** ain't gonna last long and I wanta make it last!" and they
all laughed and pthc lolita bbs forums said, "OK" and we kinda slowed down. I said, "You guys
probably think I'm queer but I've wanted to see you guys naked and hard
for a long time" and Jerry said, "Hell!, this ain't 'queer' this is
just natural fun. All guys check out all other guys, especially in the
showers at school, and hope we don't get caught lookin' " (Laughter!)
We all know we all been beatin' our meat every since we got our first
hardon and we and our friends have been givin' each other a helpin'
hand and it feels SO GOOD! Right?" Well, we all agreed that it indeed DID feel SO GOOD! LOL! Sam said, "OK guys, switch hands!" and we all turned and took a dif
cock in our hand and gave it a slow stroke. I could feel Sam's precum
all over the head of his and it made his beautiful skin slide back and
forth so easy. And by the way, all of us were uncut which was pretty
unusual since a lot of babies were gettin' routinely cut then. We
just lucked out I guess. It seemed like Jerry had the most experience which was no surprise
since he'd been away to college for two years and the rest of us had
just been around home and to school and so on. He said, "Guys, time to
rotate" and he moved to where Owen had been standing. That put him on
my left, OH! JOY!, ;-) and we all turned and took the lefthand cock in
our hand. At LAST! I had Jerry's in MY hand! He was SO hot! All
that blond hair in all the right places. I moved close to him so that
I could feel his leg hair all the way down to his feet. I reached out
and lolitas free models underage put my arm kinda around his waist and felt his cock and his balls,
and his pubes and then up to his pecs and his nips were hard. lolita free picture gallery Sam was
still jackin' me and he said, "Looks like you kinda like Jerry a
little" and they all laughed and I said, "Yeah, I DO like him a little
and I like the rest of you guys a little too!" and they all laughed at
that. About that time Owen said, "Guys, I don't know about the rest of ya,
but **I** can't stand this much longer!" We all agreed with THAT so we
all kinda turned toward each other and really started whackin' those
hot pieces of meat we had in our hands. Guess I was the hair trigger
one cause about then I said, "Guys I'm gonnna.....CUUUMMM!" and I shot
my first squirt and it hit Owen right on the head of his sweet cock.
That lolita teens gallery love musta done it for the rest of 'em cause Jerry, in MY hand, and Sam
with Owen jackin' him and Jerry had Owen's and they ALL tensed up and I
can tell YOU, that woulda a made a best seller porno vid! We were all
squirtin' hot white cum all over each others cocks and hands and all
together, it looked about like about as much cum as Tony squirted in
that mare! There it was, boycum all over all our hands and cocks, the hot humid
air was filled with the smell of fresh boysweat, cum, and
testosterone, and I couldn't resist tastin' what little lolitas girl potos I had all over my
hand. Owen, kinda gasped and raised his eyebrows, Sam just kinda
grinned and then Jerry did the same thing; he raised his hand and
really licked it. He said, "Hey, you guys taste pretty good" and gave
a shiteatin' grin. He said, "Owen, you look like you ain't never
tasted cum" and Owen, said, "Well, I thought about it but I never did"
and Jerry said, "Well, you sure ain't ever gonna get a better chance
than THIS to taste some of the best cum in this part of the country"
and everybody laughed at that so Owen raised his hand and gave a little
lick, blushed really red (umm....what a beautiful picture THAt made
with his dark but rosy complexion and his innocent face) and then he
said,"Hmmm....not bad! Not bad!" an that brought on more laughter. Well, there we were, all naked with wilting hardons, cum all over our
hands and cocks and even down our legs. We hadn't prepared very well
for a big mess like this and didn't really have anything to clean up
with. Sam said, "Guys, lets go down to the shower and clean up a
little" mini teens sex lolipop
and we all thought that was a good idea. I wiped my hand on a straw bale and picked up my shorts and the other
guys did the same thing and we went down to the shower. It's big
enough for two and we had the edge taken off bein' so horny so we all
four didn't crowd in and have a shower orgy like you always read about.
Jerry said to me, "You gonna wash my back?" and I said, "Yeah, and
your front too." Sam said, "You little horny...toad! Watch out guys!
I think we got a sex maniac on our hands!" and they all laughed at me
who stood there, biggest hardon I could have turnin' all shades of red
and grinnin' like the proverbial possum! We were all standin' there and Sam said, "OK who's gonna go first?"
and I said, "You guys go ahead, and I'm gonna play with all of Jerry's
hair while it's dry...well, dry in spots!" More laughter. Now right
here, I gotta say those three guys were really unusual because nobody
was actin' little lolitas girl potos like we were perverts or treatin' me, the youngest one like
somthin' which should go back under a rock and were just all bein' all
around natural, nice guys. Sam and Owen got in the shower and there I was, beginnin' to be
embarrassed, standin' there naked with another hardon, grinnin' and
lovin' every minute of it. Jerry looked at my hardon and said, "Man,
you really ARE glad to see me, ain'tcha?" and I said, "You just don't
know HOW glad I am" and he reached out his arms and I just fell into
'em. Can you imagine how wonderful he felt to me? I could feel his hairy
chest and legs up and down my entire length. He gave me a gentle
squeeze and I gave him a bigger one. I leaned my head down a bit and
put my cheek against his soft blond chest hair and found that there was
a nipple right in front of my mouth. I guess my pre-natal instinct
kicked in because I stuck out my tongue and touched it. free pre teen lolitas it was
surrounded by that delicious hair, and hard. I flicked it with my
tongue a couple of times and Jerry gave a little moan, took a couple of
fingers and raised my head, looked to see what Sam and Owen were doin'
- they were just washin' off and had their eyes closed under the shower
- bent down a tad and quickly kissed me on the lips! MAAAAAN!! Am I
awake or asleep and havin' the best dream of my life!!? He drew back and I looked up and he was blushin' like a virgin bride!
Hah! Virgin ideed! Well, we might find out more about THAT later.
About then Sam and Owen got out of the shower and Jerry and I got in.
After what had just happened we were both just a little embarrassed so
we didn't spend the rest of the day in the shower. We got wet and
soaped up and washed each others back, giving a little extra attention
to all the sweaty places like pits, pubes, cock and balls, and ass
cracks. We were both half hard but we finished with the shower and
got out and dried off. mini teens sex lolipop
We kept a supply of old towels there. We all
got dressed and went back to the house. By then it was noon. I said, "Guys, mother left fried chicken and
potato salad and stuff for us and there is plenty. Do you wanta eat
with us and then we can all go down to the creek if you wanta?" Jerry
and Owen both said "Yeah" so Sam and I got the stuff out, I sliced some
tomatoes, and we took it all out to the table in the shade on the
patio. It was just like a picnic with those three gorgeous guys bein'
my dessert/eyecandy! LOL! We finished our lunch and what with our morning's workout and full
tums we were all a little drowsy. We put what was left of the food
away and cleaned up the table and just lolled around there in the
shade. We decided that we'd go down to the creek for a swim a little
later. be continued.

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